The beginning of building activities in the period called "Trnava's Baroque" is closely connected to a monumental building of early-baroque Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The great donator to the cathedral was the Hungarian palatine Nicholas Eszterházy.

The construction of this admirable church is dated since 1629. The Hungarian palatine Nicholas Eszterházy entrusted Italian masters Antonio and Pietro Spazzo its construction. The not finished church was sainted in 1637. It is a single-nave building with side chapels and two towers. On its face there is a memorial inscription: "To St. John Baptist from count Nicholas Eszterházy palatine in Hungarian kingdom." In 1978 the pope John Paul II. rated the Church of St. John the Baptist up to a cathedral and in 2003, he also visited it.
Personalities of this Church...

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist didn't serve only spiritual purposes, but also educational ones. In the 17th century, it was the centre of university life already. Here were held festive graduation ceremonies and theological and philosophical disputes, or even theatre performances. Under the cathedral, there are tombs hidden, where four members of the Eszterházy family rest and who were killed in the battle of Mohacs against Turks. In the presbytery, there are their post-mortal coat-of-arms, mortuaries.
Jewel among jewels...

The interior jewel is the colossal whole wooden central altar that belongs with its height of 20,3 m  and breadth of 14,8 m to the greatest and most beautiful altars of its kind in Europe. It is also the highest altar in Slovakia. With its rich decorated gilded and polychrome ornaments, three altar paintings and thirty sculptures it is the highest object of art of its time.

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Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Univerzitné námestie, 917 01 Trnava
Generálny vikár: Vdp. Mons. Ján Pavčír
Tel.: +421/(0)33/591 21 11

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