A modern family winery surrounded by a beautiful green vineyard. The building of the winery and its stylish look emphasize the unique atmosphere of this place. Taste wines in the most romantic place of the region!

Pink valley, green vineyard, colourful fragrance...
Suchá nad Parnou and Blauer Portugiesser - a time-tested partnership and inspiration not only for wine lovers but also for writers like František Hečko. The Zvolenský family honoured this tradition and planted its vineyards with this famous sort. The graft was acquired from original vineyards located in this region. In order to preserve the terroir characteristics, the bunches must by processed in the fastest and gentlest possible way. In this respect is the winery location is invaluable. In Terra Parna it does not take more than a few tens of metres to get a bunch of grapes to the press.

A wine stand praised by architects...
It is hardly surprising that the Slovak Architects Society awarded the building a prize for significant contribution to the viticultural architecture. The Slovak Architects Society took into account the visual beauty of the building and also its functionality and an added value of the degustation room and its atmosphere. The degustation room and its glass walls offer a beautiful view of surrounding vinyeards.

Under the small tower...
The characteristic symbol of this winery is a tower in the middle of the vineyard. The tower was built by Jesuits, who used to work on this vineyard and were active in this area. The Zvolenský family reconstructed this tower and placed a monumental stone table next to it. During fertile seasons the stone table is a place of cheerful degustation events. This place covered by grapevine annual shoots is also a centre of various events.

Degustation and tours through the winery                        

Enjoy the degustation of splendid wine and a friendly chat with Mr. Zvolenský - owner of the winery, or with master of the cellar in a glass degustation room with a view of the vineyard. Naturally, the degustation includes refreshments in form of cheese, smoked meat and famous „mom’s“ pork cracklings paste. For those who are interested in production processes and areas, where the wine patiently matures, a tour through the winery is prepared. Winery tours are a traditional part of every degustation.

Necessary to book in advance.

Significant awards
  • Award for an innovative bottle design.
  • RHine Riesling 2011, silver medal
  • Sauvignon blanc 2011 – gold medal
  • Modrý Portugal 2009 – gold medal / The Head of the Self-governing Region award
  • Svätovavrinecké 2009 – gold medal /  winner of the category


We recommend you to enjoy a "liquid" dessert in form of a sweet ice Alibernet. It was harvested in a frosty morning at the temperature of -7°C and it belongs to the 2016 vintage. You can taste and buy it during your visit in the winery.

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Ružová Dolina 528, Suchá nad Parnou
Tel.: +421 907 894 371

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