KARPATSKÁ PERLA is a winery that honours a hundred years old family tradition of wine making. The winery is owned by the Šebo family and it belongs to the top wineries in Slovakia - it won the best winery award for two years one after another!

"Pearls are born in the vineyard"

Vineyards, the basis of quality...
In the beginning, which dates back 20 years, the Šebo family decided to build vineyards that have been the most important elements influencing the quality of their wines. With a total area of 46 hectares of vineyards, the 28 hectare Suchý vrch is, along with Šajby, Kramáre, and Noviny, the most precious locality, situated in the middle of the protected landscape area Martinský les. This is the place where the most wines with protected indication of origin are "born", such as JAGNET, VARIETO, DÍLEMÚRE, and cuvee 4 ŽIVLY.

An architectonic jewel...
After many reconstructions, the building of former cooperative company, where the winery resides, became a jewel of Slovak architecture. It was also nominated for an ARCH award, organized by the ARCH magazine. In 2010, Karpatská Perla won a prize for the best Corporate Identity company, which is awarded by the Slovak Architects Society.

Wines with depth...
Despite modern technology, which significantly contributes to the fact that the wine keeps everything it brought from the vineyard, the winery still respects traditional values. Many wines mature in wooden barrels and are not bottled until they are balanced and really mature. It is no secret that you can enjoy them in every luxury restaurant. The company also produces BOBULO grape lemonade and altar wine for Association of St. Vojtech.

LET'S EXPERIENCE IT                          

Wine degustation with a tour through a winery
If you are in a hurry, they can offer you some wine samples also at the company wine shop. However, if you are looking for a guided degustation hosted by a sommelier or a master of wine, you can look forward to visiting stylish degustation rooms with a capacity of 60 people, or a terrace with a view of local vineyards. Every degustation also includes a tour through the winery. Guided by an experienced expert, you will uncover many secrets of wine making, which are regularly praised on national as well as international level. Cellars with massive wooden beams and a fragrance of barrique barrels certainly enchant you.

Lookout Tower
You simply cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the view of a romantic countryside and the silhouette of vineyards. You can visit the lookout tower during the winery's opening hours... with a glass of wine in your hand, of course!

Art Exhibitions         
In the past, various artist designed the labels of Karpatská perla. You can admire their pieces at exhibitions during various events such as Opened wine cellars. You can find here works of artists such as Stano Černý, Igor Piačka, Jana Lepejová, Jakub Dvořák and many others.

Significant awards
  • DÍLEMÚRE Devín 2012, raisin selection - big gold medal
  • VARIETO Veltlínske zelené 2012, selection of grapes - silver medal
  • DÍLEMÚRE Pálava 2011, straw wine - gold medal
  •  JAGNET Müller-Thurgau 2013 - silver medal
  • DÍLEMÚRE Devín 2012, raisin selection
  • VARIETO Veltlínske zelené 2012, selection of grapes


The wine shop also offers delicious pralines made of original Belgian chocolate with Alibernet wine filling.

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Nádražná 57, 900 81 Šenkvice
Tel.: +421 (0)33 64 96 855