Thanks to this family company that is engaged in mead production, honey processing, and apiculture, Slovakia is known as a "sweet" land. The company regularly wins gold medals at various prestigious competitions such as Apimondia or Mazer cup.

Sun in a glass...
The basic ingredient for mead is, naturally, honey. Apimed runs its mead production thanks to its bee colonies and also buys honey from the best bee keepers in the region. The production process is similar to the process of wine making - honey is mixed with water and ferments. The character of the mead depends on the type of honey (floral, locust, forest, etc.) as well as the use of additional herbs and spices.

Positive effect on health and even love...
Mead is probably the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world - it is presumed that it was created by fermentation of honey and rainwater in tree hollows in times, when our planet was not populated by humans. Mead contains 50% of honey, and has very beneficial effects on health. Some people even declare that mead is an aphrodisiac - that's why they call it a love potion.

Mead in gastronomy...
Whether it is the traditional "pure" Old Slavic mead, spiced Trnava mead, Barrique mead that matures in barrique barrels, or flavoured mead, all of them have their place in experience gastronomy. All of them create an excellent combination with foie gras, sorbets or various desserts. The biggest plus of mead is that it is a great beverage that will warm you up in winter and it is also a delicious refreshment during a hot summer day.

LET'S EXPERIENCE IT                          

Degustation and tour through production rooms
In case that you are a fan of this magical beverage, or you would like to learn something about various varieties of delicious mead, you can be glad to hear that you have an opportunity to experience a supervised degustation enriched with the narrative of the main technologist in the degustation room. The technologist will take you to company's production rooms where he will explain in detail the process of mead production.

Significant awards

  • Staroslovanská medovina svetlá ® – GOLD  the „Varietal Sweet“ category – Sweet varietal mead
  • Staroslovanská medovina tmavá ®  - BRONZE the „Varietal Sweet“ – Sweet varietal mead
  • Original Slovenská medovina ® – BRONZE the „Traditional Sweet“ category - Traditional sweet mead
  • Trnavská medovina (Trnava mead) - gold medal in the "Metheglin - spice-herbal" category
  • Staroslovanská medovina svetlá - strieborná medaila v kategórii "Tradičná sladká medovinaStaroslovanská medovina svetlá (Old Slavic mead) - silver medal in the "Traditional sweet mead" category"
  • The Barrique mead was among the top ten meads and got the best rating.


Beside the company shop in Dolná Krupá, you can also buy Apimed products as well as various gifts, cosmetics, bee products and supplements at the company shop in 44 Štefániková street in Trnava, which is only a few metres from the Tourist Information Centre in the Town Tower. You can also use the e-shop to buy these products.

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