The main building of this museum has its seat in the complex of the former Franciscan nun monastery. This is mentioned in Trnava's history since 1239. The space itself enhances your experience from the museum visit full of interesting collections and exhibitions.

Also the museum has its own history...
The size of the former Franciscan nun monastery rooms is like tailored to needs of many expositions and their complex collection fund. The regional museum was established in 1954 and at its beginning it had more national history character. One year later, it started establishing professional departments - historical and natural scientific. Nowadays, together with other buildings, it protects more than 160 000 objects of cultural heritage and is visited by 40 000 visitors form inland and abroad. It belongs to the biggest museums in Slovakia.

Franciscan Nun Monastery...
The Franciscan Nun Monastery was built approximately in 1236 in Trnava, in the very first town in the area of Slovakia.  The object consisted of a one nave church and a monastery building next to it. After cancelling the monasteries by Joseph II. in 1782, Franciscan nuns left the building after nearly 500 years. The monastery was reconstructed into a military hospital and it served as a hospital until 1645. Later in 1956, the building became the seat of the museum.

To the permanent exposition belong interesting Archeologic exposition, History of Trnava, Gothic Trnava, Beauty of past times, Folk useful pottery, Franciscan nun oratory open to the public, Nature of Little Carpathians and many others. Extraordinary collections of historical bells fascinate you. Their oldest bell is 523 years old. Interesting are also the collections of fine art and target collection of marksmen from Trnava. During the year you have the chance to visit various seasonal exhibitions, events, workshops or lectures regularly organized by the museum.


NOVEMBER 1989 (15th November 2019 - 15th March 2020)
The documentary exhibition November 1989 presents the viewer with important events from November 16, 1989 to the first free democratic elections in June 1990.

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Tuesday - Friday: 8.00 am. - 5.00 pm.
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Adults: € 3,00
Students and seniors: € 2,00
Children up to 15 years: € 1,00

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