With local witches in the lead role, thanks to whom the people of Ružindol have been grappling with the nickname "wizards". Historical events are performed in the village square.

In the past, women dedicated to magic were rather respected natural healers than witches on brooms, but nevertheless they were paying for their magical skills or knowledge, because they were ahead of their times. Up to four of them made their mark into history of Trnava which says about their cruel fate.
The most known case was the case of Katarína Šnajderová from 1684 when she was questioned by the court of Trnava. She was accused of witchy things, causing problems with cows, fields, gardens and vineyards. The disputes with local witches didn't finish with this case. Two other accused women in 1744 were Magdaléna called Abdonička and Anna Chlebová called Jamborka. The whole village was afraid of them and they considered them to be able to cause an illness or even death at anyone. For the supposed witches the trial finished in a very unfavourable way. Although many testimonies contradicted and were not clear, the "careful and clever" municipal council of Trnava sentenced them and they both were beheaded and burned.
During this event, there is a whole day additional programme prepared for the visitors in a form of various interactive activities. Children set out for searching for clues to get a witchery medal after overcoming the magical route. There is also a favourite alchemist that leads you through mysteries of aromas, a contemporary witch that looks into your past or future and producer of ancient candles. A medieval band cares for a musical experience!
You can taste great wine and delicious traditional specialities made throughout the whole day!

Important information

Date and time:
October 5, 2019 | 12am - 6pm
Entrance fee:
This year is the event free for everyone!

Parking in the village will also not be a problem. The vacancies will be reserved next to the Municipal Office, the cemetery and you will also be able to use the public space for parking.

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Place of event
Wineries Dobrý pocit and Rosenthal
Hill at the cemetery
Ružindol village

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Tourist Information Centre -
Region Trnava

Trojičné námestie 1, 917 01 Trnava
Tel.: +421/(0)33/32 36 440


Ružindol sorceress 2019