When you say Blauer Portugieser, every wine lover knows that the best one comes from the green vineyards lining the valleys of Suchá nad Parnou.  It is no coincidence that this exquisite wine inspired František Hečko, a native of Suchá nad Parnou, to write his famous novel Red Wine.

Wine worthy of a novel
There aren't many people that wouldn't know the famous novel called „Red Wine“, written by native of Suchá nad Parnou - František Hečko.  However, only a few people know that the main characters and also the novel itself are based on lives of author's parents.  Native Vlčia Dolina represents the fictive Vlčindol.  Blauer Portugieser, classic local sort of wine, naturally became the main focal point of the story.  The nickname „štrúdlák“ (strudelman) is based on the fact that local housewives filled strudels with dried grapes. 
Terra Parna family winery
There aren't many places with atmosphere as magical as winemaker owned by Zvolenský family - Terra Parna.  The winery building, which was awarded by Slovak Architects Society, perfectly completes the picture of green vineyards in Ružová dolina planted on the exact place where wine grapes were grown by Jesuits at one time.  In the middle of the vineyard the Jesuits built a small observation tower, which became the symbol of the winery.  The quality of wine is enhanced by the fact that bunches of grapes "travel" only few meters to the press.
Memorial Room of Natives
If you would like to learn more about the life of important natives from Suchá, you should definitely visit the Memorial Room situated in the building of municipal authority.  You can find here various works by Viliam Turčány, Hečko brothers and also works by the academic painter Jozef Ilavský.  You can also find beautiful local folk costumes and interesting historical artefacts illustrating life in the village, as well as personal František Hečko's belongings - typewriter, glasses or pen...  

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